METRO inaugure le premier potager urbain indoor à Nanterre en France

Dans sa quête de toujours plus de qualité, de proximité et de recherche de solutions à destination de ses clients professionnels, le premier fournisseur de la restauration indépendante en France vient d’inaugurer, en partenariat avec la startup Infarm, le premier potager urbain indoor du pays où seront cultivées des herbes et plantes aromatiques. L’Urban Farming, cette tendance qui consiste à … Read More

Une compagnie Allemande vise à installer des serres dans les épiceries

Depuis sa fondation en 2013, l’entreprise allemande Infarm a beaucoup évolué depuis leur modeste début. Récemment, elle sécurisait une ronde de financement de 25 millions par une importante firme de capital de risque anglaise Balderton Capital. Infarm vise à implanter principalement des serres dans les épiceries en misant sur un produit frais, local et sans pesticides.  

World’s First Hydraulic-Driven Vertical Farm Produces 1 Ton of Vegetables Every Other Day

Year-round vegetables, minimal resources, climate-resistant—we’ve sung praises about vertical farms many times before. But Singapore’s Sky Greens is something very special. Sky Greens’ four-story rotating greenhouse produces 1 ton of leafy greens every other day using a hydraulic-driven system that rotates and provides sunlight for the growing troughs. Photo credit: Sky Greens Designed by engineer and entrepreneur Jack Ng, Sky Farms runs on a … Read More

Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — just opened a shipping container farm compound in New York City

Kimbal Musk (brother of Elon) is trying to change the way we eat by creating what he calls a “real food revolution.” For over a decade, he has run two restaurant chains, The Kitchen and Next Door, which serve dishes made strictly with locally-sourced meat and veggies. In 2011, he started a nonprofit program that has installed “Learning Gardens” in over 300 schools, with the intention … Read More

This Future Dutch Town Will Grow Its Own Food, Live Off-Grid, and Handle Its Own Waste

Meet the “Tesla of eco-villages”. It’s no secret that today’s aggressive agricultural techniques can take a heavy toll on the environment, both on the land used for crops and livestock, and in the surrounding atmosphere. But a new vision of a more sustainable ‘integrated neighbourhood’ community is being implemented in the Netherlands, with the first of a series of high-tech farm villages … Read More

Futuristic Japanese indoor vertical farm produces 12,000 heads of lettuce a day with LED lighting

Philips Lighting has launched the latest in its indoor vertical farming experiments, with trials at two Japanese facilities—with one growing 12,000 heads of lettuce a day under horticultural LED lighting technology. Indoor farming is a growing trend in urban centers, where farmland is not prevalent. A wide variety of herbs and greens can be cultivated in climate-controlled environments under LED … Read More